An incomplete list of things that I love dearly…

  • Sleeping In
  • When you walk past a man that smells really good
  • When the book ends in exactly the manner you wanted it to
  • Sex
  • Ice Cubes
  • Drinks that come with a lot of ice cubes
  • The Beach
  • Burn Notice
  • Homeland
  • Comfy Slippers
  • When it’s been a few days of bad weather and you finally get to see the sun again
  • The fact that I can charge the toothbrush I got for Christmas by USB. No batteries needed. How badass is that?
  • My MacBook.
  • My Iphone
  • My Airpods
  • Long Phone Conversations
  • French Toast
  • Mud Masks
  • Driving up and down new roads, looking at massive homes and imagining the lives of the people who life there
  • Plane Trips
  • Travel
  • Good Food
  • New Culture
  • When you’re getting a manicure and the nail artist starts the hand massage – seriously, who would’ve thought it felt so good to have the palms of your hands massaged?
  • The smell of the bakery at the grocery store
  • When my niece and nephew teach me teenaged slang and I realize just how old I am
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Stickers – All Stickers. The cuter the better. I’d take ugly stickers too, though. I even love the insurance tag stickers you’re supposed to put on your license plate.
  • Sexy Accents
  • ‘Sittin on the dock of the bay’
  • Rainy Days
  • The feeling of relief that comes when the work day is over and the next four-to-six hours are completely my own
  • The colour blue
  • The colour purple
  • Capitalizing letters that don’t need to be capitalized
  • Putting on YouTube videos that are really, really, really exceptionally long so that I have background noise and can distract myself
  • Road Trips – In 2022, I drove across Canada and loved every minute of it
  • Vegas, baby
  • When you know someone, or meet someone, who has a really, really good sense of humour
  • A good sense of humour
  • Adding the ‘u’ to the. word humour.
  • Adding the u to ‘colour’ and ‘neighbour’ and so on and so forth

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

10 responses to “An incomplete list of things that I love dearly…”

  1. There’s not a single animal on this list 😭😭😭

    Far too many apple products 😂. Not enough apples. At least you are honest!

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    1. To be fair you did put good food and bakery.

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      1. Both integral pieces to a really great day.

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    2. It is an ‘incomplete’ list, is it not?

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  2. Long phone conversations and walking past a man that smells nice is just the best. Love this list so much because they’re much needed


  3. ♫These are a few of my favorite things♫ Seriously I love these and have quite a few in common with you. The beach is where my soul recharges. I’ve always wanted to be a famous writer just so I could have a beach house I could write in, even in the winters. Sadly I am no J.K. Rowling. But maybe one day I can have a book published.

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    1. If you’ve never been to the Oregon coast in winter, you’re missing a truly unique beach experience. Come on over anytime – just don’t call it the beach…it’s the coast! 🤓


  4. Good list. I like the last 4!


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