Sunshine on my mind

I have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine the past few days. Warm weather in January is such a luxury.

I got my hair done. I went golfing. I’ve been working a lot – which will be true anywhere that I go, I am striking a balance though. It’s 1/2 work and 1/2 play. At least that’s what I’ve promised myself. I don’t want to work quite so much. I want to enjoy life.

I met some really nice people the other night when I took myself on a solo date. A group of twenty-somethings saw me sitting alone and decided that wasn’t allowed and that they were going to take me under their wing. When they heard I was Canadian, they decided I had to be their new best friend. I’m about ten years older than they are, and when I told them that, they made a joke about me being decrepit. We had fun, though. It’s nice to meet kind strangers when you’re travelling – especially alone.

This week, my goal is to not get a sunburn. Which, when you’re a pasty white girl like I am, is easier said than done. I need SPF 1,000. Can someone hook me up? It’s amazing what a little sunshine in the deepest, darkest days of winter can do for one’s soul.

The one thing that I will say about travelling is that I really enjoy travelling with someone. I wish that I had someone to come with me for all of these experiences. Whether a friend or SO, it would just be nice if someone automatically knew the story, because they experienced it too. You know?

Until I find someone who wants to wander the world with me, I’ll be taking solo-dates and hoping kind strangers find me and take me under their wing.

Until next time.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

6 responses to “Sunshine on my mind”

  1. enjoy traveling solo! Have fun! xo


  2. I am SOOO happy for you, having the chance to do this. I’ve been blessed with a partner who also loves to explore and we have been doing just that. Now it’s your turn to experience the joy of discoveringnew worlds, solo or not. The world awaits! Go grab it!❤


  3. Glad you are enjoying warm weather and yes, be careful of the sun. It does bad things to the skin…believe me I am proof! Good that you can work in such a great place. I agree about having a companion to share the travelling experience. Just be careful.


  4. I’m glad you’re away from the winter cold and enjoying yourself in a warmer climate! Soak up all of that vitamin D (but carefully, haha), and I’m so happy you’re back to traveling extensively!


  5. 1/2 work and 1/2 play, eh? So… you haven’t been sleeping.


  6. I think there’s something incredible about travelling alone, and also doing activities alone in general, is that most of the time you’ll meet people that you probably wouldn’t have met otherwise, like in your case. I love what you’re doing, and I wish to do it too one day!


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